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Fix your finance

Posted by on Aug 7, 2016 in Binary Options, Trading

Fix your finance

Wad-of-100sMany people today, in the financial meaning, are living from day to tomorrow. All their monthly income must be spent within next month, just like some crazy horror movie about money and finance of a man. The consumer society of today is almost hypnotized by spending money, and many people can be the example for such perfect consumer society member – they spend all they have every month. Ok, that is not very bad you would say, but you can’t count on market stability, and your job and salary will be same for years. For instance, you might get sick, or injured, and you will need a lot of money to get in shape again, so if you were that perfect consumer society member you would not be able to help yourself in those critical moments. However, there are some ways of handling your finances and organizing it better to be financially stabile. Stabile means that you have savings. You might be satisfied by your salary, and you might find it just enough for your lifestyle, but saving must be present in your life, even in a narrow sense. You also need to have financial sense, which means that you always know how much money you have, how much you owe, and how much you will save every month.

Don’t give yourself the luxury of not knowing the balance on your credit cards. At least you have seen in the movies that shopping without thinking can lead to serious financial issues. Pay installments on your credit cards regularly and never get into unauthorized overdraft. You can try the simple way of control of your finances, just write down every charge in one month. After the month pass, check out the list. We are sure that you will find many items that should not be there. That is a good start.


All financial experts recommend that everyone should have the savings for some unexpected costs. No one expects you to save half of your salary, but you should determine the percentage of it which you will put away every month in your saving account, even if it is 1%. Years will pass anyway, but you will be proud one day when you check your stash with the amount you could find there.

635977450136463353-810506356_money-managementSpecial caution must be taken when it comes to huge purchase. If you tend to buy a car or house, make sure that you make decisions based on your realistic finances, not on your wishes, because that might occur as a large problem in the future. Same goes for weekly shopping in the supermarket. Always make the list of necessary things and groceries and try to stick to it no matter what you find on sale in the market. People who don’t make lists and buy everything that attracts them are opening their garage sale because of that bad habit, just to get rid of that unnecessary item that they bought.

At last, try to organize your free time more efficiently, by learning some new ways of earning money. The Internet offers many ways of earning some additional cash, with all that micro jobs, surveys, trading websites, freelancing sites. Ff you want to do some serious moves you can try to trade on stocks or easier on binary options market which allows you to earn some extra cash with small investment and effort.


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